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What is Customised Research?
This is detailed genealogical research that is tailored to meet your special requirements. 

Special rates
Our fee structure here is similar to that of our Family Tree Service, and, as with that service, we offer special rates if you request more than one Customised Research Project at the same time. However, what we provide you with upon completion of a Customised Project may differ quite considerably from the outcome of any Family Tree Research.

Some possibilities
For your all-inclusive Customised Research you might consider one of the following :

  • Micro-research– research into the life of a particular family or family member at a specified time in history –  rather than covering, say, three or four generations of a Family Surname Line. (The emphasis would be on research of greater focus and depth.)
  • Eastern Counties research  – research that would take advantage of our fast access to and practised knowledge of the nearby Eastern Counties Record Offices of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. (Particularly useful if this is the region where your family took root.)
  • London archive research  – specialist research at The National Archives (or any other major London repository listed on the Home Page) that would benefit from our charge-free travel. (If your ancestor followed a career in, say, the army, navy, air force, merchant navy, or customs and excise, we could research it for you here. Other areas with potential for extensive genealogical research would include land and property surveys, ownership and occupancy; also criminal records, emigration and immigration.)
  • Support research  – research for the enthusiast who is exploring his own family history but who needs some professional assistance to overcome problems and to push things on a little, time permitting.
  • Location photography and research  – research culminating in the photographing of places of special importance to earlier generations and which are still standing – family houses, village schools, headstones with family inscriptions, and so on. (These could be put together with a report and any appropriate documentation to make a particularly visual  family history package – an unusual gift, perhaps.)

We would aim to complete such research within about 12 weeks, though sometimes the particular nature of a brief can enable us to finish earlier.

Cost assurance
Because of the varying requirements of Customised Research briefs, we can sometimes complete research without using up all of your fee.  In such circumstances you will qualify for an appropriate refund.(For full details of our Refunds Policy please go to Terms & Conditions.)

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This Research Service is supported by two 'add-on' options:


If you are happy with the outcome of our findings, and you see new potential for research, you may wish to extend the commission into a further stage.

Such extended or 'follow-up' research applies equally to Family Tree and Customised Research Projects and would be available for as long as you wish research to continue and for as long as we feel that such research could prove productive and in your best interest.

How far back might Extended Research go?
To put things into some sort of genealogical perspective, more often than not family lines can be researched back to the mid 1700s.

If you are lucky, existing documentation will go back as far as 1538 when parish registers were first started, extending the scope of our research.

What you would receive at the end of Extended Research
Should we receive from you a request to continue into a further stage of research, then appropriate additional material will be provided upon its completion - such as an expanded family tree along with any new documentation and an extension to an existing report.


Since families move about from area to area, and even country to country, research is sometimes required in faraway places.

On occasions, local support researchers can provide useful help. However, a difficulty can arise when research becomes complex, in which case we, the Principal Researchers, with our clear overview and detailed knowledge of research done for you to date, will have greater likelihood of success.

In these circumstances we will offer you the option of 'On-location' Research.

Our offer
We will travel to any archives or locations relevant to your family history within the UK and Ireland, should you so wish. With our knowledge and experience of far-away repositories and budget travel know-how, we can usually make such necessary research economically viable.

If work on your family line is at a stage where we feel 'On-location' Research would be appropriate, and additional funds would make this possible, we will advise you of this and provide you with a breakdown of projected expenses. We will then await your instructions.

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