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The Commissioned Research we offer
Normally, in a first stage of Family Tree Research we will extend knowledge of your family by at least three generations, as long as the starting point is the 20th century and the research is based within Great Britain – and we will continue research beyond that point for as long as purchased time allows. At the end of our research you will be presented with a report, a family tree or chart in illustration, and copies of documents and abstracts acquired on your behalf in the process.

Customised Research, because of its very nature, defies such a clear-cut pledge. However, we will for a first stage of any Major Customised Research Project allow for a minimum of 10 hours’ research and analysis with the possibility of additional hours at no extra cost. Those additional hours will be determined finally by the expenses incurred: the lower the expenses, the higher the number of research hours provided. (For the Mini Project fee we will allow for a minimum of 5 hours’ research and analysis with the similar possibility of additional hours at no extra cost.)

Extended Research is either a continuation of research which has been carried out by us, or fresh research arising directly out of work carried out by us. If you wish for some Extended Research, then we will discuss with you the range of possibilities that our first stage of research has opened up, along with the cost implications, before you firm up the commission.

Timeframe / Rate of Progress
Once we have received payment, we will email you regarding confirmation of contract and estimated dates for start and completion. The start date will allow for your statutory right to a seven working day cooling off period. The completion date of a first major stage of research will allow for a research period of about 12 weeks. (The All-in ‘Plus’ Package will take longer – about 16 weeks. The Customised Mini Project will take less time – normally about 6 weeks.)

No two family research projects are the same, each posing its own individual problems, and progress with some family lines can be considerably easier and faster than with others. Moreover, we are often working with records that in places can be damaged, illegible or incomplete. It is therefore impossible to foretell accurately the speed and degree of success.

The outcome of our investigations naturally depends on the quality and reliability of the sources they are based on. All our research is undertaken in good faith and, while we cannot guarantee it will be exhaustive, we will endeavour to ensure that our results are as detailed and accurate as possible.

Payment is required before research can begin. UK clients may pay in instalments, though results of research will only be supplied after all the required instalments have been paid in full.

Fees for a first stage of research are normally fully inclusive, postage and copies of research documents (including any specially ordered birth/marriage/death certificates – each incurring a cost to us of £9.25) being part of your package. Extra charges may only be made when special ‘On-location’ Research is requested and pre-paid funds will not be enough to cover expenses. Such top-up charges will always be discussed and finalised in advance.

Fees for Extended Research will be arrived at individually after the research possibilities that have arisen from our first stage of research, together with their cost implications and any special requirements, have been discussed in full with the client.

If after the first three hours of research we feel we cannot make headway with your family line, we will contact you and provide you with a refund of the fee less the amount already spent on research.

Similarly, if after a stretch of productive research we feel we have reached a dead end – or, as is sometimes the case with Customised Research, we reach a successful conclusion to our research without having used up the whole of your pre-paid charge – we will report to you and provide you with a refund of that part of the fee.

If, for whatever reason, we anticipate any major delay in the progress of our research, we will inform you of this.

We will anyway drop you a line when we are about half way through your commissioned research so that you will know how things are going.

All information provided in the Request Forms and in any subsequent correspondence will be held in strictest confidence.

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