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UK & Ireland

Ancestors Regained is a professional genealogy service that will trace for you your own unique family history.
We aim to bring to life for you those generations that through the passage of time have become forgotten or lost.


Our ancestral research service covers the whole of the UK and Ireland, and we are willing to travel to any archives or places relevant to your family history within the UK and Ireland should it be helpful to do so.

Much of our work is carried out at the main London repositories – most importantly, The National Archives, British Library (including its Newspaper Library at Colindale), Principal Probate Registry and Society of Genealogists.

However, some family research projects might especially benefit from the easy access we have to the Eastern Counties Record Offices of Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. If your family comes from this area then our practised knowledge of what is available there in the various differently stocked archives and how best to access and draw from them may be a special advantage.

Some other projects might most effectively benefit from our continuing research farther afield. We have invaluable ‘on-location’ experience with the other national and front-rank repositories of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberystwyth, Belfast and Dublin.

Ancestors Regained


  • FAMILY TREE RESEARCH SERVICE : our detailed research uncovers the lives of your ancestors, generation by generation, and brings to life the branches of your family tree
  • CUSTOMISED RESEARCH SERVICE : our genealogical research is tailored to meet your special requirements, which may range from in-depth investigation into specific areas of your ancestry, to problem solving and on-location photographic work

Both of these services enable you to take advantage of our full UK and Ireland research capability.

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Why choose Ancestors Regained for your Ancestral Research?

In brief, we offer:

  • Considerable experience and expertise
  • Quality research
  • A working knowledge of all major UK & Ireland repositories
  • Specialist knowledge of Eastern Counties Record Offices and London repositories
  • Fast access to those local record offices and London repositories
  • Highly competitive prices which include:
    1. Major discounts
    2. No charges for travel to London repositories listed on Home Page
    3. No charges for time taken travelling to repositories anywhere in UK and Ireland
  • Hassle-free cost-control arrangements ensuring:
    1. No hidden extras
    2. Full value for money
  • A flexible approach to developing requirements:
    1. Option of ‘on-location’ research in any part of UK and Ireland
    2. Availability of follow-up research

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